Playing with jewels

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Be bold

Until we try, we really don't know

So many of us tend to keep to the safety of shapes and styles we have always followed.

It can feel too much of a risk to strike out in new directions when buying expensive clothes, or jewellery, and we are attracted to those pieces we know fit our style.

That is not to say that we have been wrong in what we have taken as our go-to style, but it is refreshing to experiment and Jane encourages her clients to try on as many of her pieces as possible; alternative necklace lengths, rings of different shapes and dimensions, big earrings, yellow gold instead of platinum or vice versa.

Seeing what stands out as exciting, flattering, what really works.

Only then does Jane begin to sketch her thoughts on your new piece of jewellery.

Everyone has their own style

At Jane Lunzer we see our role as one of collaboration as much as advisory

By combining our clients' style with our own we feel proud to produce pieces of unique beauty and elegance.