Unique and Custom Jewellery

Unique pieces

Inspired by a gem or an architectural detail

As well as exhibiting the style and design aesthetic behind our jewellery, these individual examples are available for purchase.

Sizing can be adjusted in most cases, and more significant modifications, such as an alternative choice of gems or adapting the design to emphasise new elements, can be undertaken to develop it as a custom piece.


Custom jewellery

Designed for you, a private commission; the ultimate freedom


Jane Lunzer consults closely with clients to produce pieces of jewellery that will express their own style and personality as much as they showcase Jane's design.

We will often travel to a client for these important and special meetings.

Time is spent discussing the commission, establishing the elements that are most relevant, and arranging for stones to be viewed and chosen.

After this, measurements are taken, and the piece begins to take shape in sketches and drawings, before being crafted in our workshops.

Planning in advance of important occasions that warrant the commissioning of a very special item of jewellery - such as birthdays and anniversaries - means that specific gems can be sought, cut and faceted to particular sizes and shapes.

Jewellery is portable art, an expression of the wearer's identity Jane Lunzer

Gems for investment

Coloured diamonds, Columbian emeralds, Burmese rubies, Kashmir sapphires

Precious gems of exceptional perfection and rarity can be of investment quality. Jane Lunzer has access to these rare and beautiful stones and we can advise on all aspects of acquisition.

We take privacy seriously; discretion is paramount.