Our philosophy

Each design, every commission and across the brand

How we see our jewellery

We believe that every piece of Jane Lunzer jewellery should:

  • be a pleasure to wear
  • reflect the design aesthetic of our brand whilst honouring the wearer's style and identity
  • be designed and made to the highest possible standards and quality of workmanship
  • pursue best practice in ethical and sustainable sourcing

Unique and custom jewellery

- inspired by classical beauty

When an exquisite and natural gem, or a fabulous piece of classical architecture catches Jane's eye these are the results

unique and custom jewellery
Natural gems have unique markings and inclusions... they are treasures that come from the very centre of the earth and are millions of years old. How does one even begin to comprehend this magic? Jane Lunzer
I design my pieces of jewellery to highlight, or champion, the gem or diamond I have in front of me. I decide which elements I feel should shine brightest and then create the setting to enable this. Jane Lunzer

Aquaduct Ring


This gem, with it's wispy, cloud-like inclusions, suggested water flowing along an aqueduct, reflecting the sky above....

Selecting gems

One falls in love with gems - they pick you when you are least expecting it, and you find that you cannot walk away from them.

Rarely is it practical to have a list of strict requirements, hoping to find a colour, cut size and beauty specified beforehand.

It is like any form of interaction that dictates emotion and action - a food, a beautiful view, a work of art, a person...precious gems are the same.

gems for investment

Sourcing diamonds and coloured gemstones

- a 'shopping list' for gems is only the beginning...

Jane visits her network of stone dealers personally, to analyse and pick from their collections.

Trust and relationships

The trust that is built over many years, between Jane Lunzer Ltd and our suppliers, is how we ensure that we are sourcing responsibly and ethically. This is of such importance and, in an industry that relies on relationships, we consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to nurture links with long-standing, often family-run, diamond and gem suppliers.


- the art of designing and building a physical structure

The simplicity and symmetry of classical architecture provides an abundant source of inspiration for Jane's designs, influencing both the function and the aesthetics of her jewellery.

Gems are simultaneously supported and revealed within elegant structures of precious metals.

how architecture inspires