Paintings in gouache

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Scale and proportion explored in paint

Once a design has been discussed with our client, and decisions have been taken regarding the gems and precious metal to be used, scale drawings are made so that each aspect of the piece can be examined from every angle, before production begins.

It is these scale drawings that are then painted in gouache (an opaque watercolour paint). The paintings are a lasting reference of each piece of jewellery, and we present a copy to the client when the jewellery is completed.

Painting pieces of family jewellery

Frame a special piece of jewellery for ever, in gouache

commission a painting

When a piece of jewellery has special significance, we can create a painting of it.

Sometimes the decision is taken to revive a setting or redesign it completely. Before this is done, and before it is taken apart, we can paint its portrait!

Family heirlooms will always hold special memories and although photographs help to keep those memories alive, a framed painting will be treasured in itself.

I have a painting of my grandmother's diamond and sapphire engagement ring from 1932. The stones are now set in my sister-in-law's engagement ring, but I treasure this painted version of the original W Mulvaney